Current projects:

First two movements of Viola Concerto

Sextet with Jaime Laredo, Pamela Frank, Milena Pajaro-van de Stadt, Sharon Robinson, and Keith Robinson for world premiere performance January 3, 2020 with Phoenix Chamber Music Society

Trio with Valerie Coleman-Page and Hannah Lash for flute, viola and harp for premiere in 20/21 season


A Bishop’s Processional for Violin and String Orchestra (2014) 6’

Cadenza for the Stamitz Concerto in D, Op. 1 (2014) 3’

Above the West for Violin and Viola (2015) 18’

Climbing to Dragon’s Mountain for four-part violin choir (2015) 5’

Climbing to Dragon’s Mountain for four-part viola choir (2017) 5′

Primal Message for viola quintet (2018) 8′

Rising for Solo Multitrack Violin and Pedals (2018) 7’31”

Sonoran Storm for Solo Viola (2016) 10’

Sonoran Storm for Solo Viola, String Orchestra, Harp & Percussion (2016) 10’

It’s You for Voice, Piano, Drums, Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Winds & Strings (2016) 5’

Oh Hanukkah arranged for four-part violin choir (2017) 5’