In Score:

Rising for Solo Multitrack Violin and Pedals – world premiere performance on Composer’s Choice March 21, 2018

Rising for Violin and Orchestra – December 2017

Primal Message for viola quintet – world premiere performance with the Dover Quartet March 3, 2018

Completion of first and second movements of viola concerto – Janacek Philharmonic session Spring 2019

Sextet with Jaime Laredo, Pamela Frank, Milena Pajaro-van de Stadt, Sharon Robinson, and Keith Robinson – world premiere performance January 3, 2020


A Bishop’s Processional for Violin and String Orchestra (2014) 6’

Cadenza for the Stamitz Concerto in D, Op. 1 (2014) 3’

Above the West for Violin and Viola (2015) 18’

Climbing to Dragon’s Mountain for four-part violin choir (2015) 5’

Climbing to Dragon’s Mountain for four-part viola choir (2017) 5′

Sonoran Storm for Solo Viola (2016) 10’

Sonoran Storm for Solo Viola, String Orchestra, Harp & Percussion (2016) 10’

It’s You for Voice, Piano, Drums, Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Winds & Strings (2016) 5’

Oh Hanukkah arranged for four-part violin choir (2017) 5’